Jason Momoa’s 6 Pack Abs


Jason Momoa’s 6 Pack Abs

Jason Momoa has a super sexy shirtless body and it is made even better in this moving GIF. He has the total bad boy look even with a smile on his face. You know that he could totally take charge in the bedroom. Wrapping his arms around you. Holding on tight.

When Momoa decided to start acting he got a role in Baywatch as Jason Ioane right away. He is best known as Ronon Dex in the TV show Stargate: Atlantas and as Conan in the film Conan the Barbarian.  He just landed the starring role as Phillip Kopus in the new TV series The Red Road. It is a very dark show. I hope it will make it. I think it is going to show lots of skin which will definitely attract my kind of audience!

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Jason Bateman is in the new show Growing Up Fisher

Jason Bateman is in the new show Growing Up Fisher. He looks so soft and sweet with his tiny tuft of hair and his little belly from the film Couples Retreat. Since then Bateman has really worked on his body and is much more buff. If you stick around maybe the new show will get him shirtless and I will bring you pictures right away!

Anyone Remember Bateman in the show Valerie as David Hogan? Now that is going way back!


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Black Male Actor Sterling Sulieman is heart stopping gorgeous

Black Male Actor Sterling Sulieman is heart stopping gorgeous. With his serious face or that small seduction smile and dimples he can make any man melt away.

Up until now Sulieman has only had very small parts in various shows through the past nine years of getting his career started. Well, folks, he may have hit on gold! He just got a good part as Oliver/Rush on the new show Mind Games. I watched it last night. Steve Zahn was a little over the tope (I guess his character was supposed to be) but I thought Sulieman was great. If they can get the show together I think he will finally get the audience recognition he deserves!

Get him shirtless!!!!

Sterling_Sulieman_shirtless_03Sterling Sulieman shirtless the client list

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Gregory Marcel is Starring in Mind Games

Gregory Marcel is Starring in Mind Games. I am hoping that the show is a hit. It looks like it will be. It has some great looking actors in it which will keep my eyes interested at the very least. Marcel is playing Miles Hood in the show.

Marcel is the hottest in the film Sun Kissed. It is drama/romance with him male actor Leo Spaulding.

I am hoping to see a lot more of Marcel in the years to come. A lot more of him and his naked body!


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Kit Harington Shows His Shirtless Body in Game of Thrones

Kit Harington Shows His Shirtless Body in Game of Thrones. The way he holds his shirtless, sexy body you can tell he has the package that delivers. His Shirtless body in this GIF is incredible. I would love to run my hands through his crazy out of control hair.

Harrington’s actor career is taking off like a stick of dynamite. He got this role in Game of Thrones in 2011 and is now starring as Milo in the new film Pompeii.  He is also in four more upcoming movies. If they show skin I will GIF them immediately for you!Kit_Harrington_real_GIF_02a

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David Walton’s Perfect Shirtless Body

David Walton’s Perfect Shirtless Body is perfect for this GIF. So far during Walton’s acting career he hasn’t really caught a break. He has co-starred in several shows that just don’t take off. I am going to put that to bad writing not bad acting! Walton is in the new show About a Boy. Let’s hope that this time it will be a success for him.

Let’s hope that Walton shows some of that hairy chest in the new show. It will certainly help me tune in to the new show.David_Walton_real_GIF_02a

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Will Smith Buff as Ever

Will Smith Buff as Ever is the best picture you can get. The amount of time that a guy has to spend to get a body like that is crazy! We are going back a long way to his TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. His audience noticed his talent and he was boosted right on to the big screen.

Smith is also known for being a great rapper earning tons of nominations and 4 Grammy Awards.

Check out Smith in the new film Winter’s Tale starring Colin Farrel. A totally blazin’ hot bad boy. Don’t forget that Matt Bomer is in there too. If you like the older manly kind of actor, Russell Crowe is your guy!


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Michael Ealy GIF From About Last Night

Michael Ealy GIF from About Last Night got me hot all over and made me check him out further. Then I found out that he is in the new show Almost Human. I am definitely going to find all of the past episodes to catch up on the show. Hopefully Almost Human will be successful so that I can see him on a weekly basis. Ealy is one of the finest looking black male actors around. Especially with those blue blue eyes to go with his perfect black skin!


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Nathan Parson’s pink little nipples in this GIF are totally lickable

Nathan Parson’s pink little nipples in this GIF are totally lickable. Only a true male actor twink can have a body like that. I am seeing him all swetted up and moving toward me. With that sexy look in his eyes, The seductive way he is moving.  Well, I guess it can. I guess it could be the two guys – nude of course. I love seeing more buff guys with Twinks like Parsons. The tuft of hair on his chin makes him look like he may be moving on to the next phase of his life so we better enjoy while we can!

Parsons comes from the day time soap General Hospital. His role ended in 2012.   He just made a guest appearance on the TV show The Originals. Maybe this will give him a jump start in to prime-time TV.


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Dylan Sprouse’s Awesome Bulge

Dylan Sprouse arranges his bulge so that we know that we know what kind of junk he is carrying around. I am impressed! I love seeing Twinks with nice bulges. His sweet body. His sweet little nipples. His impressive bulge.

Sprouse was Zack Martin on the TV show The Suite Life of Zack and Cody then changed the show changed to The Suite Life on Deck.


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