Male Actor Jon Bernthal Out For A Run

Jon Bernthal looks kind of silly in his work out clothes. I hope that isn’t the new trend. I refuse to change my ways! However, he is still hot and something to look at! Check Bernthal out on the TV show The Walking Dead. He is also in the new movie The Wolf of Wall Street.


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Steven McQueen Checking Himself Out

I would sure love to know what Steven R. McQueen is looking at down there! Is admiring his package? Is he feeling his large set of junk? McQueen has really worked on getting his body much more buff in the recent years. He is one sexy TV actor. He is on the show The Vampire Diaries as Jeremy Gilbert.

steven r. mcqueen shirtless

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Emile Hirsch Wet Hairy Chest

Emile Hirsch has an incredible face and that hairy chest is almost to much for my eyes to handle! As a whole he is the perfect package! Hirsch is doing a TV mini-series, Bonnie and Clyde which should be interesting. This is his first TV show in years.

He is also in the new film Twice Born.


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Freddie Smith Male Shower Scene

Sizzlin’ Hot Freddie Smith kisses Chandler Massey in this scene from the daytime show Days of Our Lives. I know they are becoming a thing of the past but they still show the most shirtless men of any other shows. I used to be hooked until I grew up and had to get a job. Still, when I get a glimpse of hot pictures like this I feel all warm inside!

Freddie_Smith_shirtless_05chandler massey shirtless days of our lives

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Shirtless and Oh So Hot Nick Jonas on Hawaii 5-0

Nick Jonas is one of the member of the boy band Jonas Brothers. It seems that he is now trying to break in to acting. He has made guest appearances on several shows in the last couple of years including this recent one on Hawaii 5-0. Watch for him in the upcoming film Careful What you Wish For some time in 2014.

nick jonas shirtless hawaii five-0

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Chandler Massey Great Male Kissing Scene

Chandler Massey has a great young body especially the V-cut leading down to what I am hoping is a sweet package. We can always depend on the day time soaps to give us great shots of scandals. I love the ones where they show male sex kissing scenes. Yum! This one looks soft and tender and knowing.

Watch for Massey in the upcoming film Angels in Stardust.

chandler massey shirtless 16 love

chandler massey freddie smith shirtless gay kiss days of our lives

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Chris Colfer Finally Shirtless!

I know that I have started to get impatient waiting for Chris Colfer to bare his Twink body and now that his finally has I know why I have been patient. It has been so worth it!  Colfer has hung out in the background while his fellow male actors rip their shirts off and finally he does it. Wow, his slim body and those light pink nipples!

Colfer plays the gay character of Kurt Hummel.

chris colfer shirtless gleechris colfer shirtless glee

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I Could Survive With Almost Nude Jeff Probst

Incredibly gorgeous Jeff Probst is the host of the popular reality TV show Survivor. He keeps tribal council interesting to say the least. Probst is unbelievably 52 years old. I would love to look like him at 25! But, I will just look at him for now.


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Shirtless GIF of Sexy Alexander Skarsgard

Seeing Male Actor Alexander Skarsgard looking up in to the camera with those intense eyes makes me warm all over. All over. Skarsgard plays Eric Northam in the very popular TV show True Blood. He plays smaller roles in movies pretty regularly and this year he had a co-starring role with Brit Marling in the film The East. This GIF of Skarsgard is fiery.


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