Luke Grimes Shirtless in True Blood


Luke Grimes has that Fabio type of hair and he wears it well! He makes sexy sound dirty! These screen caps come from the show True Blood. The show is filled with shirtlessness so I am glad that he has joined the group!  Grimes had a regular role as Ryan Lafferty in the show Brothers & Sisters in 2009-2010. He is staring in the new film Squatters but it is unknown when it will be released. Hopefully soon.

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Sam Trammell and Stephen Moyer Face Off

Sam Tramell and Stephen Moyer had a shirtless face off in the season premier of True Blood a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know which one is hotter, my opinion goes back and forth daily. Let’s just say they are high up on the sexy scale for me. True Blood is a show filled with hottness.

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Sam Trammell Shirtless and Hairy on True Blood

sam-trammell-shirtlessSam Trammell has been a hard-working actor for over a decade, but his big break came just recently as he stared playing shape-shifting Sam Merlotte on HBO’s True Blood. Trammell recently said that he and co-star Ryan Kwanten are in a race to see who can appear nude on screen the most… I have a feeling the upcoming season is going to be the best so far!

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Mehcad Brooks Shirtless and Sweaty

mehcad-brooks-shirtlessHot black TV actor Mehcad Brooks has been show-hopping the past couple of years, but luckily for him, they’ve mostly been hit shows. He kicked off things on Desperate Housewives, made the jump to True Blood and has now landed back at ABC with his role as Malcolm Bennett in The Deep End. We disappointed we won’t get to see as much Mehcad skin on network TV as we did on True Blood, but there are plenty of pics of him out there…

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