Chris Vance Shirtless and Sexy

Shirtless Chris Vance is guest starring on the show Burn Notice as the psycho character Mason Gilroy. He may be a psycho, but he is a sexy one at that! Vance made a go at the show Mental but it was canceled after one season. He was also on the show Prison Break from 2007-2008. Let’s hope that he shows some more skin in Burn Notice while he is on the show!

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Michael Weston Shirtless in House M.D.


Michael Weston’s main role is as Lucas Douglas on House M.D. Ironically, he had a guest spot on Burn Notice, where the main character’s name is Michael Weston played by Jeffrey Donovan. Weston also had a short run on Law & Order SVU as Oliva’s half brother Simon Marsden.

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