Michael Weston Shirtless in House M.D.


Michael Weston’s main role is as Lucas Douglas on House M.D. Ironically, he had a guest spot on Burn Notice, where the main character’s name is Michael Weston played by Jeffrey Donovan. Weston also had a short run on Law & Order SVU as Oliva’s half brother Simon Marsden.

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Hugh Laurie Shirtless


Hugh Laurie has been a household name in England for nearly 3 decades, but has just hit American fame since the launch of FOX’s House M.D. Laurie’s portrayal of the brilliant but frightfully flawed Dr. Gregory House has earned him many adoring fans and quite a few award nominations.

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Robert Sean Leonard Shirtless

robert-sean-leonard-shirtlessRobert Sean Leonard, better known as Dr. James Wilson on House M.D. has that perpetually twinkie look. He turned 40 this year, but carries that baby-face and smooth chest with him into his middle age. Leonard is an accomplished and versatile actor, with strong roles in TV, movies and theater. He’s married to a professional horse racer, and co-founded a theater group with Ethan Hawke, Steve Zahn and Frank Whaley.

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Omar Epps Bare Chested


Omar Epps plays Dr. Eric Foreman on FOX’s hit show House M.D. Epps seemed destined to be a performer from a young age. He attended the LaGuardia High School School of Performing Arts (the inspiration for movie and TV show Fame), began writing screenplays at the age of 10, was a back-up dancer for Queen Latifah and started a hip-hop group called Wolfpak.

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