Law & Order: SVU

Law & Order: SVU is in its 15th season and it is still going strong. They don’t ever seem to run out of story lines. There is currently only one super hottie on the show right now.  Here ya go!


Shirtless, hairy and in his speedos, Danny Pino looks super hot! He has a really nice body and a really cute face to go with it.

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Shirtless Danny Pino

Shirtless Danny Pino has become the newest cast member of the long running TV series Law & Order: SVU. He is playing the role of Detective Nick Amaro and a replacement of Christopher Meloni who left the program last season. As a viewer, it stinks how Meloni left the show, absolutely no closure. It is going to be hard for Pino to fill his shoes.

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Shirtless Christopher Meloni


Christopher Meloni has played Detective Eliot Stabler on NBC’s Law & Order SVU for 12 years, but rumors are swirling that this will be his last season on the show. He reportedly told an Australian newspaper he was leaving after this season, though NBC reps denied it. I guess we’ll see come May. SVU just wouldn’t be the same show without Eliot.

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Michael Weston Shirtless in House M.D.


Michael Weston’s main role is as Lucas Douglas on House M.D. Ironically, he had a guest spot on Burn Notice, where the main character’s name is Michael Weston played by Jeffrey Donovan. Weston also had a short run on Law & Order SVU as Oliva’s half brother Simon Marsden.

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Scott Foley Shirtless on Cougar Town

scott-foley-shirtlessScott Foley recently had a guest stint on Cougar Town as Jules’ grown up love interest Jeff. We got some great shirtless scenes in the 3-episode deal but it doesn’t look like he’ll be back. Jules is after all, a cougar and needs a cub.
You might also recognize Scott Foley from a recent guest spot on Law & Order: SVU and his roles on The Unit, Felicity and Scrubs.

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