Michael Trevino Shirtless in The Vampire Diaries

Michael Trevino, from the awesome show, The Vampire Diaries stares intently in to his fellow actor’s eyes. I am not even going to look up her name because who cares! I am going to pretend they are my eyes! What the heck! Trevino plays Tyler Lockwood on the show!

Michael_Trevino_shirtless_07michael trevino shirtless vampire diaries

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The Men of Nashville

Nashville is a good show if you like country music and a lot of controversy. This man with this woman back and forth.


Eric Close has a great body and even when he is clothed a great face to look at also. Close plays Teddy Conrad on the show.


Charles Esten plays the bad boy of the show. He is in love with Conrad’s wife and there is always that conflict in the show. Hopefully, he will win out!  Esten plays Deacon Claybourne on the show.

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Drew Rausch Shirtless in Southland


Drew Rausch is coming out of the closet in this scene from the show Southland as a guest star. With a body like his I wish he was coming out for real! There would be a lot of happy faces!  A feel good everywhere. Unfortunately Rausch hasn’t found his place in his acting career but I know he will!

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Soon We Will Say Good-Bye to Aaron Paul on Breaking Bad


What will we do without our weekly fix of Aaron Paul on the greatest show in the history of TV, Breaking Bad where he plays Jesse Pinkman. I had no idea where the story could take us. I discovered up and down – like I would like to do to Aaron Paul. This perfect Twink actor’s career has shot up with this role and once the show ends I am hoping that his talent will be fully used. Again, like I would like to do to him! Fortunately we only have to wait until February, 2014 to see him starring in the movie A Long Way Down.

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Jose Pablo Cantillo Shirtless in The Walking Dead

Jose Pablo Cantillo has had a few scenes in the show The Walking Dead. He is incredibly hot and I definitely need to get the tissue when seeing him shirtless! Gonzalez has made tons of TV series the largest being Standoff. We hope writers grab him up as a regular in a new series. He is definitely worth it to the eyes!

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Shirtless Common From Hell on Wheels

Shirtless Common is on the new show Hell on Wheels and he is playing the character Elam Ferguson. Common started his career as a hip-hopper and has easily moved in to acting. He has recently appeared in the film New Year’s Eve which premiered December 9, 2011.

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